you came to the right place
You came to the right place.


Spatial Design

Would you like to improve your surroundings or create something new?

Namoi designs:

-Materials, colors and lighting for Homes
-Better layouts by Space modification
-Fixed furniture
-Bright Kitchens and functional Bathrooms
-Appealing Business Spaces and inspiring Offices
-Atmospheric Cafes and Restaurants
-Fabulous Terraces, Gardens, Piers or an Outhouse

Client's special requests, such as accessibility, ecology and locality will be gladly taken into account in the design process.

Project Management

You can forget all the hassle.

Namoi takes care of:

-Bidding for products and services
-Communication with suppliers and contractors
-Management of project implementation in Helsinki metropolitan area and elsewhere by arrangement.

This way the project will materialise according to the Design.

Atmosphere = 1.
Function = 2.

Dreaming of Spaces?

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Designing a space begins with a 30 min visit on-site, based on which the client gets an offer for the price of the design.
This first step does not cost anything.
In the beginning of the project the client receives a timetable proposal, which includes a detailed description of the different stages of the process.
During the drafting stage the best of three concepts will be chosen with the client.
The spatial design is ready well before the planned implementation of the project.

The client's wishes and dreams are an integral part of every stage of the design process.

A ready-to-use spatial design is a package of information, which presents the new spatial concept and it's different stages of implementation. It is a practical tool for turning the design into reality - Independently or in cooperation with Namoi.

The spatial design includes all needed information: material samples, technical drawings, illustrations, modification descriptions and a preliminary material budget.

If needed, Namoi can also take care of project management.

Namoi = Seppo

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